What Is The Meaning Of Word Kiah And Its Origin?

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What Is The Meaning Of Word Kiah And Its Origin?

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KIAH has multiple meanings - Beginning of a new season, God is mighty and People of Earth and METALLURGICAL denotes our product line of Industrial Engineering and Metallurgical Products.

The word KIAH has multiple meanings - Beginning of a new season, God is mighty and People of Earth. But how do these meanings reflect our company name and character?

We wanted to expand our long lasting family business of domestic supply thus we decided to start an EXPORTS division. 
 So we set up a team to brainstorm an ideal name for the business that would perfectly match our vision and nature of business. After hours of brainstorming and multiple discussion KIAH was born. 
Our vision of being number one INDIAN EXPORTER in AFRICA matching with our great customer services complemented this name.


  • The beginning of a new season which signifies the "beginning of a new business" for us in the form of International Supply of Engineering Ancillaries.
  • God is mighty - A true businessman believes that All Existing and Potential Clients are our God signifying they are always right and mighty.
  • People of Earth - Goddess Lakshmi is a female deity of wealth and all women must be respected for their sheer nature of being able to give birth to new lives and beings on this planet. 
  • Coincidentally, the name KIAH has initials of all the elder females in our family. Could there be any better blessing than this?
  • METALLURGICAL denotes our product field of dealing in Industrial Engineering and Metallurgical Products in Varied Grades of Steel and Metal.

Also, since our goal is to be a leading Exporter to Africa, we wanted a name that would connect with the locals. So KIAH with the African origin means Sunset, which for us implies that our services will remain constant from Dawn to Dusk.

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